High quality thermal conductive material that speeds up thawing process dramatically.


Defrosting Tray


This thawing plate is made from a special alloy with a thermal conductivity 20,000 times higher than other ordinary metals. It achieves high-speed heat exchange and the fastest natural thawing effect on frozen foods. 


Save time defrosting foods without the help of electricity, water, fire or any chemicals. 

Make the thawing process something easy and quick. Be enthusiastic while cooking.

Stop using the microwave for food thawing before cooking.

Easy to use, easy to clean.


You will prepare your meals in a short time and you will maintain the original taste, nutrition, health and hygiene.

As opposed to microwave ovens that partially cook the food during the defrosting process, with the KitchenQuake® Defrosting Tray you can defrost food naturally, safely and quickly.


Just place frozen food onto the KitchenQuake® Defrosting Tray and it will defrost faster than at room temperature, no need to use energy. 

The KitchenQuake® Defrosting Tray stays cool to touch throughout its use, no pre-heating or hot water is required.


Unique design of consecutive straight lined grooves in surface, no sticky oil, makes it easy for draining away and avoid bacterias breeding. 

The KitchenQuake® Defrosting Tray can be quickly washed under running water o using the dishwasher.


Black colored quality aluminum alloy material, corrosion resistant that has a long service life.

Our Defrosting Trays are available in three different sizes:

SMALL: 23*16.5*0.2 cm. 

MEDIUM: 29.5*20.5*0.2 cm
LARGE: 35.5*20.5*0.2 cm

The KitchenQuake® Defrosting Trayhas a 0.2 cm slim design that makes it possible to store with ease.


Use the KitchenQuake® Defrosting Tray to protect the environment.

No microwave, no batteries, fire or electricity required, now you can defrost food saving power and water.

Thawing food can be eco-friendly and energy saving.

KitchenQuake® Defrosting Tray
KitchenQuake® Defrosting TrayKitchenQuake® Defrosting TrayKitchenQuake® Defrosting TrayKitchenQuake® Defrosting Tray



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Easy cooking, easy life. 

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The thawing tray  is a special alloy with a thermal conductivity of 20,000 times that of ordinary metals. It achieves high-speed heat exchange and achieves the fastest natural thawing effect of frozen foods. 

Fast speed, can save the time, and maintain the original taste and nutrition, and hygiene. 

Easy to use and clean, save power and environmental protection

Material: Aluminum 

Model: S/M/LSizes: 23*16.5*0.2cm / 29.5*20.5*0.2cm/35.5*20.5*0.2cm 

Color: Black

Included:1 Defrosting Tray

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